School District Policies Addressing Head Lice

Texas State Laws

For public schools, most believe there are laws governing lice outbreaks. There are no Texas laws that address the exclusion of children with head lice from attending class. Because of this, it’s more than possible for students to pass head lice to their classmates. Parents may want to take extra precautions when an outbreak occurs.

In 2017, Senate Bill 1566 was passed into law and states: “The board of trustee of an independent school district shall adopt a policy requiring a school nurse of a public elementary school who determines or otherwise becomes aware that a child enrolled in the school has lice shall provide written or electronic notice of that fact to:

  1. The parent of the child with lice as soon as practicable but no more than 48 hours.
  2. The parent of each child assigned to the same classroom as the child with lice no more than five school days after the date of diagnosis.

No doubt you have children in a school nearby. Kids are often the likely victims of head lice due to their close contact with many other children. Kids also like to share their hats, combs and clothing items with each other. Because of this, head lice tend to transfer between school students regularly.

Your School’s Legal Responsibilities

As of September 1, 2017, public elementary schools in Texas are now required by law (Senate Bill 1566) to notify parents should a student in their child’s class experience a head lice infestation. This written notice must be provided within five days. The new law also requires schools to notify the parents of the affected child within 48 hours.

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