How to Keep Lice Away?

Each child – whether in school or at a daycare – requires some form of lice prevention. If it’s already too late and your child has head lice, there are plenty of cures available. We recommend Lice Lifters for safe, family-friendly products designed to rid your scalp of lice once and for all. However, prevention is crucial, too.

There are natural methods that even doctors utilize to prevent lice. The first is a comb or brush. Every person in the household should have their own comb or brush – no sharing. If one person gets lice, the brush or comb is going to be the transfer between the two. Your child should learn not to share their brush either, especially at school or the playground.

Next, teach children not to wear another person’s clothing. Again, this is precisely in school settings. That goes double for hats, barrettes, and helmets. It’s best to avoid everything, though, including jackets and sweaters. Anything that may pass over the head and hair should be kept away. When in the classroom, teach your child to zip everything into a backpack and stow it deep into their “cubby” for further security. They may not understand your caution at the time, so be patient.

Lastly, personal hygiene is crucial for preventing head lice. Selecting the correct shampoos and conditioners will help. Coconut oil and olive oil, for instance, both contain fatty acids that break down the bodies of lice and kill them for good. There are countless coconut oil and olive oil-based shampoos on the market. Consider picking one up if you’re worried about head lice.

If you or your child do catch head lice, consider visiting Lice Lifters for comprehensive treatment solutions. They have a proven record of getting the job done, and they are discreet, too!