What To Do About Lice?

When parents learn their children have lice, they often panic. Panicking won’t kill lice, though, and may even lead to over-treatment and anxiety. Your child is already worried about “bugs” in their hair, so remain calm and formulate a clear plan of attack against the head lice.

Instead of worrying, take a few simple steps to treat your child, and perhaps yourself, for lice. There are anti-lice shampoo solutions available, and prescription medications to assist you. However, we recommend Lice Lifters of Texas for complete lice removal solutions. They have a proven track record of getting the job done once and for all.

There are two primary steps to consider when handling lice:

  • Head lice treatment – Once you’ve visited Lice Lifters of Texas, continue to follow their directions to remove head lice. Continue to remove nits (eggs) from your child’s hair using a comb, even if you must check every night for an entire week. Nits may take up to one week to hatch. Anti-lice shampoos do not kill nits, though.
  • Getting lice out of your home – You do not have to clean the entire house. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends cleaning only objects the infested child has touched within 24 to 48 hours of treatment, not everything. Begin by washing clothing and bedding. Anything you cannot wash, seal in a plastic bag for a few weeks.

While treatment may seem tedious, it is beneficial. Even a single egg could reproduce and lead to a recurring infestation. If you have a lice problem, you need to be proactive and do not hesitate to provide treatment options.

Again, we recommend starting your treatment with Lice Lifters  to ensure you catch them all once and for all. Do not feel ashamed about seeking treatment. Lice are more common than many think!